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Wish PsyPets was just a liiiittle different? Get the source code, and host your own copy of the game! ("A lot" different is fine, too! :P)
(Thaddeus the Alchemist)

Good to meet you. I'm Thaddeus.

I was hired by HERG to consult on various aspects of Hollow Earth, but I also run an alchemy shop for the people here.

Hm? What's HERG? The Hollow Earth Research Group. They rediscovered the Hollow Earth in 2004, and the creatures living there: the PsyPets.

PsyPets are highly intelligent, capable not only of hunting and fishing, but of smithing, jeweling, and a bit of magic-binding.

Even with my help, studying these creatures has been a lot of work, so HERG recruits people such as yourself to help out.

Interested in joining?

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Easter 2014!

I think we'll start seeing those "Plastic Eggs" show up again this year, and I'd like to once again ask for the community's help in collecting them.

Find me in Room 106 at the HERG Research Lab (or, as its commonly called, the "City Hall") for more details.

Thanks in advance, and happy hunting!

— posted by Eve Heidel on 2014.04.16, 07:11:01am UTC